• Is Hileytech Sdn Bhd an Official Reseller of AVG ?
    Yes, we are an Official Gold Reseller of AVG in Malaysia.
  • Why AVG ?
    AVG Business Antivirus End Point Protection is extremely fast and does not take a toll on system resources. In short, it will not slow down the PC. Virus Database update is always a breeze and effective. In addition, AVG is also one of the most affordable End Point Protection which you can buy to protect your Business.
  • How can I purchase AVG software ?
    You can purchase all AVG software via our Online Store.  Alternatively, if you are buying for your company,  you can request an invoice from us by emailing us or WhatsApp to us to +60.182374289. We will then generate an invoice for your payment.
  • What are payment methods accepted on this site ?
    When you purchase license online, you can choose to make payment online using Visa and Master Card or choose offline payment where you can make payment via Bank Deposit or Online Bank Transfer at later stage.
  • After I make order online, how long do I have to wait for the license ?
    If you order during the working days from Monday until Friday, you will receive the license key within 24 hours from the time you complete your order with confirmed payment.
  • Will License Certificate be provided ?
    Yes, we can email you the License Certificate once you provide us with the following information for license registration :-
    – Registrant ( Company Name or Personal Name )
    – Address
    – Email Address to be used for the registration
  • Will installation CD be provided ?
    No. Download link will be provided for you to download the latest version of AVG Software.
  • I wish to renew my AVG License, how to proceed ?
    You can WhatsApp to us your currently AVG Key and we will be able to quote on the renewal within hours during working days. Alternatively you canalso fill up this form and we will revert to you ASAP.
  • Can I upgrade my AVG Antivirus Business Edition to AVG Internet Security Business Edition ?
    Yes, you can. All that you need to do is to email us your current license key and we will then be able to quote you on the upgrade fee. With the upgrade, the expiry will remain unchanged.
  • When I increase my license size, will all licenses, new and old, expire on the same date ?
    Yes. To increase the license size, provide us with your current license key and tell us the number of license you wish to add on to the current license and we will quote you accordingly. With the expiry remain the same and fall on the same date, it will be much easier for you to manage the renewal of the licenses in the future.
  • Do you offer discount for Educational Institution?
    Yes, AVG do offer discount for Educational Institutions. Please write to us and informing your Institution Name and we will be able to confirm from there.
  • Can I remotely manage by AVG Business Installation ?
    Yes you can. You can download AVG Admin from AVG to allow to deploy your AVG Installation, scan your PC and manage your update from single PC.
  • Is AVG Ultimate for commercial use ?
    AVG Ultimate is meant for home users with multiple devices and not for commercial use. Please select Business Edition if you are going to use them in your work place.

If you have other question, please contact us